Connecting to Our Places

Mikey Schaefer is a climber and story teller, whose film, ‘FORCE’, tells his own story about climbing in Patagonia. Towards the end of the film he shares his thoughts about the idea of connecting to a particular place, which I found quite meaningful.

This excerpt from ‘FORCE’ starts around 13:25 in. To get the full impact of what he is saying, it’s worth watching the full 20 minutes.

“I definitely want to inspire people to go out and have an adventure. To get cold. To get lost. And learn how to love a place, because that’s what happens when you have all this experience. You start to love that place. If you think about the people you care about the most in this world, it’s probably the people you know the best. They’re the people you’ve made connections with, they’re the people you’ve had experiences with. They’re the people you’ve laughed with, cried with, made love to, had birthdays with. The same thing can happen with a place. I think the more you know it, the more you’re gonna care about it. The more you’re gonna want to protect it. The more that place is gonna to do to you, too. And that is commitment. That takes time.”

Mikey Schaefer (FORCE)

I like this message because I think it is relevant to the world of natural conservation. The people who are often the best stewards are the ones who have the strongest connection to a place. Those are the people who will fight hardest to conserve it. And those are the people who need to be engaged and consulted in its land use planning. Maybe climbing and stewardship aren’t as separate from each other, after all.

To see what other projects Mikey has been a part of, check out his site –

 Stay adventurous.



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