Creating A Purpose Statement

I have decided to revisit my earlier thoughts on defining your purpose. In a previous post, I discussed the idea that how you spend your time is closely connected to your purpose. Having taken some time to think more on the idea, I come to you now with this snazzy new update . If you didn’t catch my earlier post on How Do You Define Yourself?, check it out here.

At the end of How Do You Define Yourself? I was searching for some way to describe my purpose. It boggled my mind a little. I mean there are so many things I am interested in and want to do, how the heck am I supposed to articulate that in a single sentence? Maybe you know the feeling. Sandra Bell-Lundy, who creates the Between Friends comics, knows the struggle is real.


Creating your purpose statement with the Imperative Quiz

Recently, I have come across a very cool online tool that helps you generate your own purpose statement. I think it is pretty impressive. Not to mention, useful. The organization who put this tool together, Imperative, is all about redefining work. It is their mission to help people discover and connect with what gives them purpose in the workplace.

After I went through the assessment quiz and started reading some of the material on their website, I thought to myself, Yes! Everyone needs to do this. Now. It might sound silly, but one of the biggest fears of my adult life has been that I’ll wake up in 30 years and think, What did I just do with my life?! I want to be engaged with my work and sincerely care about what it is I am doing. I want a clear purpose. Imperative gets it. I’m really diggin’ what they do. As a heads up, you will have to create an account to do the quiz (or sign in with your google account). But, it’s totally worth it.

Complete the Imperative quiz yourself:

The results

When you are done you will have a profile that tells you three important things: who your work impacts, why you do what you do, and how you achieve impact. These will then be combined into a single purpose statement.

Who your work impacts: Individual // Organization // Society
Why you do what you do: Karma // Harmony
How you achieve impact: Human // Community // Knowledge // Structure

After taking the quiz, I found out my results were organization, karmaand community. This combination is also known as The Empowerer – I empower communities to realize their potential. Based on that, I now have a customized purpose statement.

Shane’s purpose statement…

“My imperative is to work with teams of people to empower them to create a collective impact.”

One assumption I made in my post How Do You Define Yourself?, is that you can just start from the ground-up, deciding how to spend your time meaningfully whenever you want. Unfortunately, that can be a difficult thing to do. For many, how they spend their time does not equal their purpose. And their purpose is not connected to their work. This is the gap Imperative is filling.  

Once you do the quiz, how can you incorporate the results into your work? How can your purpose become part of your day-to-day activities? Imagine an entire workplace full of purpose-driven individuals, connected to their work.

Check out the Imperative website for more information on what creating a purpose statement is all about at

Stay adventurous.


Creating A Purpose Statement

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